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Business Law

In Carmenates Law Firm, PA, we can assist in matters concerning Business Law: Buying/Selling A Business, Franchise Law, Law Commercial. Partnership Disputes, Commercial Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Trademarks, Corporate Counsel, Representation at Mediation, draft agreements, stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, operating agreements, and more. Call Us Fee Today!

Real Estate Law

Florida has very specific statutes regarding the rights, duties, and obligations of landlords and tenants and real estate. It is important to understand your rights and obligations concerning real estate contracts. These statutes can be confusing and not knowing what you are signing can be dangerous. We are ready to provide you with the legal help you need. CALL TODAY FOR ASSISTANCE!


Are you thinking of investing and living in the United States? Carmenates Law Firm, PA, in South Florida, can assistant you in obtaining an investor visa such as an E2 and an L1, Visas for special abilities. E2 visas are set by treaty agreements between certain countries. Visas are for executive manager transfers to the United States. Federal immigration laws are very complex and we have the experience to assist you. CALL TODAY FOR ASSISTANCE!

Family Law

Family matters are delicate, and require patience and understanding. At Carmenates Law Firm, PA, we can assist you in these difficult times. If children are involved, then the goal of all divorce proceedings should be geared towards the best interest of the child. Our firm can assist you in many family law issues including: contested and uncontested divorce, child support, parenting schedules, relocation, modifications, and more.

Wills and Trusts

Preparation for the future is important to ensure that your wishes are met and assets are passed on to your loved ones in a pre-determined manner. With proper preparation individuals can control the distribution of their property during their lives. With a trust, it is even possible to avoid the probate process all together. Let us give you the different option you have for your estate planning.


Deciding whether to declare bankruptcy is a difficult decision that must be carefully analyzed. . Bankruptcy law protection provides debtors with a way out of stifling debt problems. The bankruptcy laws were changed significantly during 2005 and the ability to qualify for bankruptcy relief has become stricter. Contact us to set up an appointment and see if you qualify for bankruptcy protection. Call Us Today!

Personal Injury

The injuries that you suffered may be such that you are entitled to monetary compensation for the injuries and pain and suffering. In order for you to have a valid claim for personal injury damages and liability of the responsible party must be proven. The most common types of personal injury claims result from auto accidents, slips and falls, and the negligence of others. CALL TODAY FOR ASSISTANCE!


Probate is the legal court process that occurs after someone passes away and ensures that a deceased’s assets are distributed either according to a will or statute . The probate process can either be done by summary administration or formal administration. We at Carmenates Law Firm are ready to assist you through the probate process. . Call us today for an appointment. Call Us Today!

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